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Interview training in English

We are excited to announce that our two-day training investigative interviewing is now available in English. Our goal is to provide our training program to as many fact-finders as we can. We have already trained over 700 Dutch fact-finders. With the launch of our new English version, we plan to service organisations that have an international customer base.


Investigative interviewing is the current global interviewing standard for fact-finding investigations. This approach is used worldwide in governments and business organisations by professionals such as forensic auditors, HR managers, security experts, compliance officers, accident investigators, company investigators and detectives, security officers, and supervisory authorities. We have already trained over 700 Dutch fact-finders. As of this week, we provided our first training sessions in English. It was a great success and, above all, very pleasant to work with passionate professionals and with our training actor (native speaker) Yvette Supraski. She has extensive experience in interview training and masters the theory behind it flawlessly.

Are you interested in following our investigative interviewing course in English? Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to offer you high-quality interview techniques to add to your toolbelt.

About the training program
The training program takes place in small groups with a maximum of four participants per group so that there is sufficient room for individual feedback and learning objectives. We built our training program around the science of human memory and communication. We combine this theory with practice, use of training actors and provide substantive feedback throughout the course.

You will maximise your interview skills to ensure that you obtain as much highly accurate information from your interviewees as possible during your fact-finding investigations. After our intensive two-day training program, you will have:

  • insight into the theory behind investigative interviewing
  • mastered the corresponding interview techniques and
  • an accurate idea of the applicability of these techniques to your practice

Specifically, you will be able to conduct a fact-finding interview according to the five steps of the PEACE model. To achieve this, you will mainly listen and ask as few questions as possible in order to obtain as much detailed and reliable information as possible. How is that possible? Come and experience it for yourself at our training centre in Weesp.

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